Tilt Meter Submersible

The Submersible Tiltmeter provides precision real-time remote monitoring of tilt of submerged structures. It consists of a MEMS inclinometer sensor and electronics mounted inside a rugged waterproof enclosure.

  1. Data Sheet
  2. Manual


  • Remote, real-time monitoring of inclination of concrete-face rockfill dams slabs and concrete dams
  • Monitor tilt of retaining walls,piles and bridge piers
  • Monitoring of offshore structures
  • Installation of submerged pipelines


  • Solid construction for extreme endurance over long-term, high-pressure underwater situations
  • Instrument can be mounted on inclined, vertical or horizontal surfaces with no need of precision levelling
  • Analog and digital output also available
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Built-in transient protection
  • Watertight performance

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