Spiral Sensor

The MEMS Inclinometer Spiral Sensor is used to determine downhole helical deformation of installed inclinometer casing. Installed casing spiral is a function of the manufacturing process, casing coupling, and installation technique.

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  • ‘Hot swap’ capability with Digital Inclinometer System - simply connect the probe to the reel’s connector and prepare for spiral readings on the spot
  • No additional software required - Inclinalysis™ Software used for RST’s Digital Inclinometer System doubles as the method of processing spiral data
  • Compact and lightweight design ensures spiral surveys in all casing orientations - unlike bulky traditional probes
  • The use of an inertial sensor to measure the groove azimuth variation elimates errors due to:
    - sensor offset
    - wheel/groove clearance
    - friction
    - magnetic declination

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