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Data Visualisation Software - GEO-AXIOM VISTA

GGeoAxiom Vista is a specialist Geotechnical software which provides data handling, storage, visualisation, alarms, reporting and web based access from any size of automatic data acquisition system.

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    For the visualisation and presentation of data from:
  • Vibrating wire sensors
  • 4-20 mA sensors
  • mV sensors
  • Inclinometers
  • Robotic Total Stations
  • Manual readings
  • GPS stations
  • Webcam


  • Data presented as photographs, plans or cross-sections
  • Displacement graphs
  • Can import Google maps
  • Trend lines can be generated
  • Wide range of reports
  • Highly configurable to suit individual projects
  • Easy to configure
  • Near real time data
  • Can be accessed via internet
  • Can be networked
  • No limit to sensor number
  • Multi-language options

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