Research & Developments

  • LSS aims to develop a strong and active research and development department besides its core business. The group experts with advanced educational degree have carried out numerous research projects individually, some in collaboration with universities and research institutions.
    Of these projects, over 40 papers have been published in well-known professional journals and international conferences.
    The list of published papers is presented herein. LSS is very keen to look into the projects by paying attention to R&D field of leanings and share it with the Geotechnical and Retrofitting Engineering Societies.

    List of papers:

    • Compressive Strength–Freeze & Thaw Durability Correlation in Soil – Cement Design 2nd Int. Con. On Ground Improvement Techniques; Singapore, 1998
    • Strength and Deformation Properties Improvement of Disturbed "Tabriz Marl" by Chemical Methods 1st Int. Con. on Problematic Soils; England, 2003
    • Landslide Risk Zonation in the Gezelja Basin (Sub basin of Ahar chai) by using GIS and Remotely Sensed Data Int. Con. Of Natural Hazards, Tabriz University, 2005
    • A few cases about Ikonos Satellite Printed in Survey Magazine, summer 2001
    • Landslide and its relationship to the earthquake of 20 June 1990 Roudbar Manjil area in Iran. 31th Int. geological congress, Brazil, 2000
    • Brittle faults and paleoseismity and newsiesmity in the Azarbijan area 31th Int. geological congress, Brazil, 2000
    • Tectonics of copper deposits of Sungun Karadgh region in Azarbijan 31th international geological congress, Brazil, 2000
    • The earthquake and its relation with plate tectonics in Azarbijan 31th international geological congress, Brazil, 2000
    • Reflection seismic data and the relationship of brittle faulting in the Ourmiah Lake and the Khoy Salmas region Azarbijan of Iran, 31th international geological congress, Brazil, 2000
    • The destructive effects of 17 august 1999 earthquake on Izmit gulf coasts and Marmara Sea 4th Int conference on coasts, ports and marine structures, Iran, 2000
    • Ground water and Karstification in Karaziaaddin area in n-w of Iran.International Karst
    • Convergence and deformation monitoring of diversion tunnels 5thInt.symposium on field measurements in aeromechanics, Singapore, 1999
    • Mapping of Landslide zone and relationship of the fractures and fault resulting from earthquake hazards in the Bozgoush – dagh s-e Tabriz city in Azarbijan Iran, ICCE, Canada, 1999.
    • The analysis of earthquake risk and the periodicity of shakes along the Tabriz fault Earthquake hazard and risk in the Mediterranean region, Cyprus,1999
    • North Anatolian fault and its relationship with Izmit- Adapazari earthquake hazard,Turkey, 1999.
    • Seismoactive faults system and assessing earthquake hazards in the north and- west of Iran.,SDEE, Norway, 1999.
    • Soil dynamic and its relationship with earthquake ,SDEE, Norway, 1999.
    • Landslide and its relationship with earthquake,Italy, 1999
    • Potential of geothermal energy in Iran, Journal, of energy U.S.A., 1999
    • Permian trias in Julfa area, Kashmir university journal, India, 1999
    • Seismic potential along the main active Zanjan to Tabriz fault, 11th European conference on earthquake engineering, France, 1998
    • Seismotectonic events along the Tabriz and Anatolian fault, 11th European conference on earthquake engineering, France, 1998
    • Fault displacement in the north Tabriz fault in Azarbijan area, 30th IGC, China, 1996.
    • Methods in preparation of the mapping of Landslide zones n-w of Iran Int. cartographic conference, Swedish, 1996.
    • Seismotectonic and earthquake hazard in Azarbijan , IASPEI, China, 1996.
    • The relation of Oman ophiolite and compare With Zagros mountain area,Oman, 1994.
    • Urimiah depression and tectonic events,IGC Japan , 1994.
    • Metallogeny and mineralization in Khoy and Salmas,I.A.G.O.D., Canada, 1991.
    • Neogene quaternary events in Azarbijan area,I.N.Q.U.A., China, 1991.
    • The ophiolit mélange of Khoy-Salmas area,28th International geological conference, USA., 1990
    • Tectonics of Tethyan-Himalayan belt in Iran area,28th International conference, USA., 1990
    • General report on paleogeography in Azarbijan area, 28th lnternational geological conference, USA., 1990.
    • The Application of Modis Data & GIS to estimate volume of snow masses, Printed in the first conference of water resources management, Tehran University, Iran.
    • Column-To-Beam Strength Ratio Effect On Seismic Behavior Of Reinforced Concrete Buildings.2nd Int. Conference on Urban earthquake Engineering, Tokyo, Japan
    • Vibration Properties of Steel-Framed Buildings Determined From Ambient Vibration Tests,13th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering,Vancouver,B.C., Canada
    • Vibration Properties of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Determined from Ambient Vibration Tests, 4th Int. Con. on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering Tehran-Iran
    • Identification of Pacoima Dam from 1994 Northridge Earthquake Records 12th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, London, United Kingdom
    • Seismic Response of Concrete Gravity Dams Subjected to Near-Field Ground Motions 2and Japan - Iran Workshop on Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Mitigation -Focusing on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering Japan
    • Aspects of Concrete Dam Response to Near-Field Ground Motions,12th World Conference on Earthquake Eng., January 30-February 4, Auckland, New Zealand
    • Seismic Response of Gravity Dams in Near Field During the 1995 Hyogoken-Nanbu Earthquake UJNR/JSDE Workshop on Earthquake Engineering For Dams, Tokyo, Japan
    • Near-Field Effects on Earthquake Response of Arch Dams Third International Conference on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering, Tehran-Iran
    • Fundamental Study on Near-Field Effects on Earthquake Response of Arch Dams Asia-Pacific Workshop on Seismic Design & Retrofit of Structures
    • Evaluation of effects of flame heat on the heavy concrete properties in Nuclear Plants
    • Analysis of pore pressure of embankment dam during construction by using finite element method based on compressible fluid theory for unsaturated soils",Dec.-1998, Ferdosi University Conference, Mashad, Iran
    • Foundation and Embankment Settlement Monitoring in ALAVIAN Dam, 2008


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